Bryn Mawr PA Dentist Office Patient Testimonials

“Dr. Zalis (and retired Dr. Snyder) have cared for myself and family for over 20 years. We were recommended by my wonderful childhood dentist, the well known Dr Geiges of Havertown, who was retiring by the time we married.

The doctors and staff at Main Line Family Dentistry go out of their way showing tender care and concern for our well being, physically as well as emotionally. No matter what the issue is for our dental needs, Dr. Zalis has a careful, methodical plan of action and options. As we have aged, life has presented more need of support for our teeth for my husband and myself. The practice has been there for us. When my “mom-in-love” saw the wonderful care we had received, she asked to also be a patient of Dr. Zalis. She became enchanted by him, thus making her complicated necessary dental procedures easier to cope with. My brother-in-law as well asked to be a patient because he witnessed over time the professional care and respect we have received. When there have been emergencies for myself, husband and mother-in-law, the office fit us in so we’d avoid as much discomfort as possible. Dr. Zalis stayed late one day so I could rush mom over for help after hours so mom would not go to bed with a tooth ache, a woman in her 90’s. My husband has an inborn fear of dental work which has increased over time as he has aged and Dr. Zalis handles that emotional situation with grace and respect. My son is a reluctant patient to dental visits and Dr Zalis goes out of his way to encourage him to come to his check ups. He has called my son after hours to chat with him to encourage and reassure him to get the check ups.

Again, Dr. Zalis’ deft handling of a patient’s feelings has allowed our son to now more regularly keep his check ups.. When needed, Dr Zalis has referred us to extremely competent root canal and implant dental specialists of his choosing who expertly handle things for us. We have never had a complaint working with any of the recommended specialists necessary over time as we have aged. Dr. Zalis and staff have steadfastly and consistently extended emotional support, compassion and love to our family during and after the passing of our oldest child, a child Dr. Snyder and Dr. Zalis had as a patient for many years. One may well imagine what it is like having to muster strength as parents go to doctor offices, trying to resume some sort of life without one’s daughter. Walking into Dr Zalis’s office has allowed us to feel safe as we view all the reminders of past fond routine visits to Dr Zalis and Dr Snyder we had with our daughter.

Upon my retirement, as happens with many patients, healthcare plans become changed for financial reasons. We had to change healthcare systems but refused to leave Dr Zalis’ practice. Even though our new group dental plan is “out of net” with Dr Zalis, we have loyally continued to be privileged having him as our dentist. We “put our money where our mouth is” with this practice. We think of Dr Zalis and the practice as our family. Period.

Patricia Grossman

“Dr. Zalis has been our family’s dentists since we moved to the area in 2001. They have seen our children through baby teeth and braces, and have always been available in a moment’s notice for emergencies.
As a fellow Villanova Alum, Dr. Zalis has also helped with the Villanova Basketball team whenever there are any dental emergencies.

Not only is Dr. Zalis a wonderful dentist but we are happy to say he has been a wonderful friend for the last twenty five years.

The office of Dr. Zalis is always a pleasure to visit. It is beautiful, clean, and the staff always makes you feel at home.

Thanks for all you do for our family.”

Patty and Jay Wright

Head Coach-Villanova Basketball

“The wonderful advances in family dentistry are on display on an everyday basis at Main Line Family Dentistry.
I, personally, have been a patient of Dr. Zalis for many years. It has been my pleasure to recommend their practice at every opportunity.
Main Line Family Dentistry is a practice founded on professionalism at every level. I am proud to call these professionals, my friends!”

Roger Schwab

Owner -Main Line Health and Fitness 

“I have been a patient of Main Line Family Dentistry and Dr. Zalis for many, many years.  I have to admit, I am one of those people who always hated to go to the dentist due to terrible childhood memories of pain and long hours in the dentist chair.  I am glad to say, those days are far behind me due to Dr. Zalis and his wonderful, gentle staff.  Everyone in the office is just delightful.

I also gave myself Lumineers a few years ago as a birthday present and how they changed my life!  I had aging, discolored teeth that made me feel really old when I smiled.  After getting the Lumineers, I feel and look younger and find myself smiling much more!  I am so glad I made that decision.  Thank you Dr. Zalis and your great staff.”

Nancy Malone (patient since 1980)

 “I was so amazed that Lumineers were able to give me the straight, white, beautiful teeth that I always wanted. At first I was anxious and had so many questions about how natural they were going to look, however, Dr. Zalis and his staff alleviated all my fears. My teeth feel and look so natural now. Within two visits I had a beautiful new smile.  Dr. Zalis and his team did a great job.Thanks for all you did for me.”

Ellin Paquette, (patient since 1993)

“I have been a patient of Dr. Zalis’ for many years.  I have had major dental work done over the years and could not think of a better dentist.  Dr. Zalis is a perfectionist at his craft, yet has a friendly, calm demeanor that will immediately put any apprehensive patient at ease.  The office is neat and clean and I have never had to wait.  My four children are also patients, as well as my husband. Dr. Zalis is truly at the top of his field.”


Nancy M. Jameison, ( patient since 1994)

“The care at Main Line Family Dentistry is sensational. Not only the quality of dental care, but also the personal service. Dr. Zalis was available and got back to me immediately after his office hours. I had a dental problem and was on a plane. I called his office and he got back to me by TEXT within minutes. With my busy work and travel schedule, this attention to detail and personal service was amazing.”

Michael Barkann
Comcast SportsNet  

 “Going to the Dentist’s office was not an experience we looked forward to until we became patients of Dr. Zalis.
Now dental visits are a pleasure.  The entire Main Line Family Dentistry staff are friendly and competent.
Whether a minor concern or a question regarding a procedure to be done, you can be assured it is your care they have at heart.
We are appreciative of the caring, professional manner of Dr. Zalis as well as his staff.
Many thanks for the fabulous dental care we have received over the years.”

Debbie and Bill Davis

“EVERYONE at Main Line Family Dentistry makes you feel at ease and
special from the moment you walk in the door.  Dr. Zalis was the first
and only Dentist for each of my three children. You know something
extra good is going on when your kids are actually excited to go to
the Dentist!  No fear ( and that includes me! ).  The entire staff are
wonderful and gentle with children and have taught my girls well.
Even my three year old makes sure to let everyone in the house the
“right” way to brush our teeth.  We couldn’t have hoped to find a more
perfect place for our family.

And of course,  Dr. Zalis  always keeps my smile looking it’s

Lauren Hart
Singer / Songwriter

“Our family has been going to Main Line Family Dentistry since our children were born. We knew the first owner Dr.  Snyder from our Golf Club, their daughter even babysat for us through the years. Through the years we built a relationship and friendship with Dr. Zalis. Everyone at Main Line Dentistry always keep our teeth healthy and our smile bright, and when anything did occur they were there to fix the problem and assure us everything was okay.

During a routine cleaning and exam Tony found a lump in my gum and within an hour I was set up with an oral surgeon for the next day. He also called that night to talk to me about the procedure and followed up with me to make sure I was doing well.

Another incident occurred less than 6 weeks before my son’s wedding, my daughter who had damaged her front teeth had to have cosmetic work done. Not knowing the procedure and how this process took many appointments, consultations and follow-ups where under normal consequences would take several months, Dr. Zalis made sure to squeeze Paige in and that her teeth were done in time for the wedding. She had a beautiful smile for a very beautiful day!

These are just a couple of examples of how Main Line Dentistry takes care of your family and how they become part of your family. I want to thank them for always being there and providing us with superior care throughout the year.

Kim, Richie, Rich, Bobby and Paige Devine.

My family and I have been patients at Main Line Family Dentistry for over thirty years.  During this time I have considered myself fortunate that my family has received the best dentistry service possible.  Dr. Zalis is the only dentist our children have ever had as a dentist, and now as adults and continue with Dr. Zalis. 

The entire staff is to be commended. The receptionist and billing agent are always friendly and helpful.  The dental hygienists and assistants are very skillful.  Dr. Zalis is a professional dentist and very knowledgeable of current technology in his field.  At Main Line Family Dentistry it is common for the staff to accommodate our schedules and will always find time in the schedule for an emergency situation.  Over the years we have received our share of fillings, caps and bonds.  Through the expertise of Dr. Zalis we always leave with a bite that feels just right.  Honestly, I could not find even one area to recommend for improvement. 

Thank you Dr. Zalis and staff.

Tony and Kathy Coppa and Family